A Blockchain for Entrepreneurs, Technologists and even Adventurists (BETA).

Innovate | Synergize | Invest


The Synergies

Either you are Entrepreneur, Technologist or even Adventurist take advantage of our Toolkits, Technologies and Platform bootstrap or kickstart your iniatives.


With low fees, fast processing times, and advanced features, Opulent-X BETA can enable entrepreneurs to build scalable and efficient decentralized solutions.

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With its advanced features and off-chain solutions, technologists can develop and test new blockchain use cases, ranging from DeFi and NFTs to identity management.

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Yes, even adventurists will be given space to explore this blockchain realm to discover more opportunities creative to the benefits of their desire initiatives.

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You Need To Know!

Oh, before we get started. Let me be honest to you. Opulent-X BETA, although at this point in time we have achieved a lot of things particularly in launching highly functional technologies is currently managed by small team.
Yes, we are! And we need your help to make all things up in a hyper-expedite way. As reflected on our roadmap, this would be very exciting and huge and we will be all happy. All we need are your supports. Yes! We need to onboard more talents or resources.

This is where we are heading for:

Core Features

Indeed! Even though we are still in early stage, let's say in the pre-seed phase, the team behind it has managed to generate significant momentum and launch some of the most significant technologies and platforms rapidly, all while working with limited financial resources. This not only demonstrates their capabilities but also showcases their exceptional leadership skills.

Blockchain Explorer

Our blockchain explorer is a powerful tool that allows you to view and track transactions on our network. [...]

Gas Station

Our gas station is where you can purchase our gas token, which is used to pay for transaction fees on our network. [...]

Coin Exchange

Our coin exchange allows you to trade various cryptocurrencies for our network's native coin. [...]

Realm Wallet

Our wallet allows you to store, send, and receive our network's native coin, as well as other popular cryptocurrencies. [...]

Trading | Market Place

Our marketplace is a decentralized platform where you can buy and sell goods and services using our network's native coin. [...]

Free Consulting

This is only available to 5+ Stars Founding Gold Backers. You may also look to our free online guidance and training. [...]

Why Go With Us?

It is becuase there's a lot of opportunities in this realm to discover and exploits. You could also take advantage of our free financial consulting service to help you acheived your crypto/blockchain goals.

Ladderized Investment Opportunities

We have crafted this investment strategy to make your crypto investment journey/opportunities more opulent.

Realm Economic Era Valuation

Perhaps the world's first Native Token valuation mechanism. This is what make us more valuable to communities.

Stable and Lowest Gas Fee

This is the best specially when you are utilizing this realm in your daily life. Keeping gas fee low make you more certain.