Blockchain for Enterpreneurs, Technologists & Adventurists

Opulent-X's BETA is the world's most opulenting, synergizing and promising blockchain commisioned for robust investments, operations and innovations. Which is perpectly crafted for Social, Technology and Business Enterpreneurs.

Getting Started

Regardless of your motivation in taking blockchain/crypto journey. Here are the 3 easy steps on how you get botstrapped.

  • 1. Create Wallet

    There are two ways to create/link your crypto wallet. You could simply sign-up with OPX Wallets or use any decentralized one such as Metamask.

  • 2. Get OXYN

    In this step will guide you on how to get native token, Oxyns (OXN). There are two ways to get OXN. Buy Oxyns on our Gas Stations or simply get it FREE from Airdrop Points.

  • 3. Invest | Innovate | Synergize

    Once you got loaded with Oxyns (OXN). You could use these to swap or trade with other crypto-assets. This could be considered as simple investment/savings.

Explore More On...

Explore More On...

Our Road Map

Check our roadmap and have a big picture where are going. In that way you have an initial idea how strategic, innovative and promising we are.

Our Platforms

Take advantage of our readily available platforms to streamline your business operation and get ahead of competition.

Our Technologies

Things are getting more opulent with our technologies you don’t need to do it from scratch or reinvent the wheel, just simply use and exploit it, and you will discover more opportunities to innovate your business.

Our Investment Offerings

Opulent-X investments are some of the most exciting and awaited Blockchain Investment Offerings (BIO). We crafted our investment offerings with significant returns depending on your investment profile.

Our Innovation Iniatives

You could utilize our wide-range of innovation enabled toolkit. You might as well to co-innovate with our team for fast realization of ideas into working prototype.

Our Synergy Tractions

Opulent-X Synergies are the most exciting set of toolkit and technological innovations that provides you with some solutions, technologies and platforms that allows you to streamline and synergize your business operations with blockchain technologies at lesser cost and time.